About Keeratika B

About Keeratika B

About Keeratika B

Keeratika ,,, A dreamer girl who loves fashion

Hello everyone Nice to welcome you guys here. I'm not good in English so i must apologies for this. i'm young dressmaker from Thailand. Back on 2010 When I was study in university year 3 I found that Fashion is my passion and I have tried to set up my online stores to sell my own creation It was clothes and Purse in a simply style I set up my shop on Ebay and Etsy since 2010 and I was doing well in small shops in that time since Study is my Big thing so I could not give so much time on business When started my shops I found a lot of dreamers who inspiring me and I must thank you to them too

After graduated I talked to my mom that my life wants to feel independent and I want to build something up from my passion so I start to run my business and clothing line seriously

I started from Believing and Naive But What's Naive always comes truth

Keeratika clothing is Fun and Sweet clothing for dreamer ladies Shine and Lively

It's been over 7 Years now I must thank you everyone for your great support and i'm here today because all of you

I wish you guys all the best

Best regards

Keeratika B



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