About Keeratika B

Keeratika ,,, A dreamer girl who loves fashion

Hello everyone Nice to welcome you guys here. I'm not good in English so i must apologies for this. i'm young dressmaker from Thailand. Back on 2010 When I was study in university year 3 I found that Fashion is my passion and I have tried to set up my online stores to sell my own creation It was clothes and Purse in a simply style I set up my shop on Ebay and Etsy since 2010 and I was doing well in small shops in that time since Study is my Big thing so I could not give so much time on business When started my shops I found a lot of dreamers who inspiring me and I must thank you to them too

After graduated I talked to my mom that my life wants to feel independent and I want to build something up from my passion so I start to run my business and clothing line seriously

I started from Believing and Naive But Naive dreams are always come truth

It's been over 7 Years now I must thank you everyone for your great support and i'm here today because all of you

Now me and a few dressmakers in my team working in small studio I have dressmakers help me on making products But I still do most of works myself Making / Photography / Designing / Replying Customer’s Message  and many things in my business 

Keeratika clothing is Fun and Sweet clothing for dreamer ladies Shine and Lively

Please feel free to buying from me. I'm always here to get in touch with you and i do working in my small studio [ Homemade working space ]  everyday 

I wish you guys all the best

Best regards

Keeratika B